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Funny Indian Names | Best Funny Indian Names 2019 

Hello friends today i am going to show you the most Funny Indian Names , Funny Indian Names | Best Funny Indian Names 2019. So read all the names carefully and now ready to lough higher at this moment . We confirm recomanded that this artical is made for injoyement purpose , so dont take it really . 

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Top 4 Funny Indian Names :- 

Here is the most popular top 4 Funny Indian Names you ever read before.

#1 :-  Vekarar Chole

This name was created on the 4 july in 1995 in delhi , the real name of the oerson was ramlal dubey , but when he he started the the stall  of chole bhatore the most popular food of india then kwnown at name of of Vekarar Chole. here is image gien below.

Vekarar Chole - Funny Indian Names

#2 :- TATTI ( Tamilnadu Advanced Technical Trainig Institude ) 

The name was TATTI you havve not see or litsen this name before , the full form of the name TATTI was gien above of the heading . Once the person wants to start a training group or institute of training so that he desided the name of the inmstitude was TATTI this name was very  Funny Indian Names | Best Funny Indian Names 2019. The image are gien below ☺️☺️☺️☺️

TATTI - Funny Indian Names

#3 :- Yogesh BooB 

Ye nam sunkar ap has has ke pagal ho jaoge mujhe pata he ki ap hs rhe honge . This name was valled the Yogesh BOOOOOOOOB  Is ragistered on the Funny Indian Names world book  , This name was taken becouse yogesh has boob factory and then after he desided to diclare the name ayaogesh Boob for his company . The most interesting iamges are gien below.

Yogesh BooB  - Funny Indian Names

#4 :- DR. K. N. CHUTIYA

When i find the name dr. k n. chutiya i have never seen this name , then after i foud the story of this name called dr. k. n. chutiya , in the indians the chutiya words id spoken as a abusing to another person but here is the cleary name of chutiya to a person , the images are given below see it carefully and then ready for laugh ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

Dr. K. N. Chutia - Funny Indian Names

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